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COURSE 101: How to have JOY in the Midst of Pain

7 Weeks, 1 Day a Week

Struggling to stay in your marriage because of issues?

Wish you knew the secret to keeping your JOY even when things are falling a part?

Problems in your marriage?

Unsure this marriage thing is for you?

Then, this course is for you!

Week 1  Setting the Stage for Success; It's Hard, but…

Week 2  Navigating Life's Unexpected Interruptions

Week 3  The Miracle of Keeping it Shut

Week 4 Test: What Have You Learned and How Have You Implemented It

Week 5  Declaring, Confessing, How It Creates and Changes You

Week 6  Fighting Alone: It's worth it.

Week 7  Staying Motivated to do it!

$249 Early Registration (til Oct 28th)  $349 (After Oct 28th)

Course 101: How to Have JOY in the Midst of Pain

Begins Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Course Description:

In every marriage there are trials and growing pains. Joy in the midst of these frustrating times may seem impossible, but it isn't. In course 101, you will learn how to hold on to your Joy even when things look devastating. Learn the key tools to be successful in hard and difficult times. 

When Scripture indicates that Christians should be able to rejoice in their suffering (Rom. 5:3–5) because of the hope we have in the gospel, it can be difficult to accept. Some try to make the teaching more palatable by offering a variant definition of joy; others try to promise that the outcomes of how God redeems suffering will be so significant the pleasure will be greater than the pain.

There are times when either approach can be accurate and helpful. Yes, there are times when our expectations of happiness are so temporal that we need to be challenged. And there are also times when God does amazing things in our hardships which we would never change.

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