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COURSE 102: The Benefits of Submission 

7 Weeks, 1 Day a Week

"Once the responsibility of submission is understood and practiced, the plan of God

brings privileges, blessings and joys which cannot be achieved any

other way. " - E.R. Handford

Week 1  Setting the Stage for Success; It's Hard, but…

Week 2  Don't I Have Any Rights?

Week 3  Does God Really Mean What He Says?

Week 4 Test: What have you learned and how have you implemented it

Week 5  Why Did God Command a Wife to Submit to Her Husband?

Week 6  But What About the Problems in Our Marriage?

Week 7  The Benefits, You Didn't Know That Did You?

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Course 102: The Benefits of Submission 

Begins Thursday, July 28, 2016

Course Description:

For many women, the word "SUBMISSION" alone makes our skin crawl. We hear the title and immediately think, we have no voice. However, what if there were key benefits in your life that were mission because you have failed to study the true meaning of the word and its rewards. Take the challenge of taking the course and learn what benefits you maybe missing.

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