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The 31 DAY BETTER ME PROJECT will prepare you for an AWESOME New Year! During these 31 days, you will:

  • Identify a goal you desire to accomplish in 2017 
  • Get UNSTUCK from the SAME ole', SAME ole'!
  • DEVELOP and WALK out your  FIRST STEP FOR SUCCESS for 2017!
  • Push to GREATNESS and your DREAM LIFE!
  • Cut through all the MIND FOG that hinders your progress!

These upcoming weeks will be life transforming and will propel you into the success you have been dreaming of. It's not too late to invite a friend to join you! Progress is better with a friend.

How this will work:

1. Each day you will have 1 assignment to complete that will be given to you in a prompt in the private fb group.

Each assignment has been created to guide you to your place of success. 

2. In addition, every other day you will receive a link to watch a 10 to 13 min Mindset Success Principal video that you can listen to while you are on your way to work or washing the dishes.

This video will ask you to check your thinking concerning your success. 

3. During Weeks 2- 4 your daily prompt will guide you with measurable action steps. 

20 minutes a day for 31 days will place you on the path of SUCCESS before you can say HAPPY NEW YEAR!