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juetaun jones

Years of experience: 12
Position: Instructor

Juetaun has been with Wife Talk University since it's inception. With her 12 years of experience, she adds impeccable value to the courses, lives of the wives, and  instructional team at WTU.

treshelle Williams

Years of experience: 11
Position: President & CEO

Treshelle established Wife Talk University to provide an online learning environment that cultivates sisterly bonding while learning the tools needed to be successful in marriage.

Wife Talk University is saving marriages. God is smiling because we are becoming the women, wives and mothers that He has called us to be!

l. boss

Chicago, IL

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LaKiesha Townsel

Years of experience: 13
Position: Instructor

Lakiesha joined Wife Talk University with a wealth of experience and knowledge on how to be a successful Godly wife. She also adds her extensive knowledge as a mother to the WTU team.

“Wife Talk University is simply what we wives have been waiting for! The ability  to build stronger marriages and connect deeply with God's presence one course at a time is revolutionary!”

N. Beaurem

Atlanta, GA

“Can you assign a price to having a happy and successful marriage? Wife Talk University courses provide a rich atmosphere for wives to be built-up in their marriages and leaves them with deposits money simply can not buy. Why not invest in your marriage today!”

S. jackson

Tucson, AZ

We strive to teach wives and engaged women the key tools to be successful in marriage. We will work to improve their mindset, outlook on life, self-esteem, and marriage relations while making sisterly bonds that are life-changing.

“Wife Talk University is truly a blessing from God. Learning the keys to a successful  marriage in an online course with other awesome wives is life-changing!”

L. Smith

Columbus, OH

Wife Talk University is teaching and restoring the Christian standards in marriages that was originally designed by God. Giving wives the Christian tools to edify their marriages, be stronger intercessors, and produce powerful testimonies to minister to other wives!”

N. Fisher

Northwest, IN

Anitra Jones 

Years of experience:16
Position: Instructor

Anitra started with WTU to simply encourage and inspire wives in their walk of wifehood, but quickly became the go-to expert of walking in God's Love as a wife. Her many years of experience has prospered our instructional curriculum greatly.


TO inspire, encourage, uplift, and teach wives and engaged women god's way of having a joyful and successful marriage.